To the Anonymous Staff Member, I offer this open-book pop quiz:

1. Anonymous claims that “Vacation accrual impacted only staff.” How many vacation days do faculty receive per a nine-month contract?

a. 12 days    b. 6 days    c. 0 days    d. 9 days

2. Anonymous whines about “faculty get[ing] their summers off.” How much do faculty get paid during their “summers off?”

a. $3000    b. $0    c. $2000    d. $1000

3. Despite not getting paid during summers, faculty are expected to:

a. conduct research    b. prepare reports for promotion and tenure    c. perform professionally-related service    d. all of the above

4. Anonymous claims that “They [faculty] can teach a class with one person in attendance.” Such a class, taught in addition to faculty full teaching load, is called:

a. seminar        b. hybrid    c. upper division    d. independent study

5. Faculty get paid how much for teaching an independent study?

a. $3000    b. $0    c. $2000    d. $1000

6. Anonymous claims that during transition to retirement, faculty receive “full salary.” What percentage of salary do faculty actually receive during RTP?

a. 50%    b. 25%        c. 75%        d. 100%

So, put your big boy pants on, and do some research; good luck!

Answers: 1-c; 2-b; 3-d; 4-d; 5-b; 6-a

Barbara Szubinska

Technology Coordinator

Department of English and Theatre