Most students on Eastern’s campus share a love of coffee. Whether the morning pick-up is a straight black dark roast or a caramel Frappuccino with coconut milk, students stand in solidarity in the necessity of good coffee at a decent price.
EKU has recognized this need and there are plenty of places around campus that oblige the demand. However, like most things in life, not all coffee is created equal.
The best and easiest way to tell how good a coffee place is is to test the products (obviously). Depending on what you enjoy, try a wide variety of the coffees offered. For the coffee tested, listed below, was a plain black coffee, an iced coffee, and a specialty drink.
The four best places on campus for coffee are The Caffeinated Colonel, Java City, Einstein Bros, and, naturally, Starbucks. Each place has its distinctive pros and cons, though.
Plain black coffee should stand out on its own. The Caffeinated Colonel does not have its own unique brand, however it uses Heine Brother’s coffee, a business based out of Louisville. The coffee is fantastic and tastes as it should. It doesn’t have over roasted beans or taste like slightly bitter water. It’s just coffee.
Shockingly, the best iced coffee on campus comes from none other than Java City. This creamy iced coffee tastes like coffee while still being sweet and refreshing. It’s made in-store every day, and it’s definitely worth a try. Java City iced coffee is a definite go to in the morning when it’s already hot outside.
For specialty drinks Einstein Brother’s is the best. Their coffee isn’t oversaturated with sweeteners, milk or flavors. They use just enough in their coffee to change it up a little while still letting the drink taste like coffee.
Starbucks is the best place to go for coffee if you don’t like coffee. Your options include a drink that tastes like milk and sugar or a drink that tastes like coffee that was left on for too long, so you can taste how burnt it is (at least Pike Place, that is). Their chai tea is good, though.
In all, EKU has a decent amount of choices when it comes to coffee, no matter where you end up. What’s in this article is not fact, so take what is stated with a grain of salt.
Go on your own coffee adventures and find your favorites. Let us know if you disagree. Tell us what your favorites are!
Pros – Located conveniently, lots of options in terms of coffee
Cons- Expensive, black coffee tastes like the beans are too roasted
Java City:
Pros – Cheap black coffee, best iced coffee
Cons – No good food there, the specialty coffee is way too sweet.
Pros – Good food on the menu for breakfast and lunch, best specialty drinks
Cons – Sort of out of the way, closes early
Caffeinated Colonel:
Pros – Coffee is from Heine Brothers, best black coffee
Cons – Very out of the way, can’t use flex