No staff can use their real name when addressing any issue related to faculty; it is too risky-we will be eliminated so quickly… For the last several years, every budget cut has been to staff: The RIF (reduction in force) saw some departments lose 20+ staff (IT and Facilities) and the second RIF white boxed and gray boxed more staff. The most recent student success RIF saw all staff eliminated. The two faculty that had staff positions went back to being faculty. Vacation accrual impacted only staff. The current RFP out impacts only staff. Even athletics  has cut staff positions

 Staff are here 37.5-40 hours a week, every week, all year long. Faculty get their summers off, really only have to show up to teach 4 classes and some do the minimum, have GA’s and students to help with everything. They can teach a class with one person in attendance, get to transition to retirement and teach one class (with a full salary). IT IS TIME for faculty and programs to be looked at and something is done. We all know faculty who are horrible, teach the same thing they have taught for 20 years, teach one class and don’t show up for their office hours….Why aren’t they being held accountable? Tenure shouldn’t allow you to be awful.

Why don’t we minimize down to the top 100 programs and do those really, really well? We have too many programs and old faculty; if we could get away from them we could easily solve our budget woes. I was at the Faculty Senate last night, and after seeing and hearing them whine and complain I think it is time they put their big boy pants on and accept some responsibility and be prepared for the cuts that have to come. Staff has had no choice in the all the cuts and reductions that have impacted us for the last three years. There is no more staff to cut.