There’s a new local gaming hangout for Eastern students who love to play card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering.

It’s called Legendary Games, and it’s located at the University Shopping Center across Lancaster Ave., to the left of Keene Hall. The shop offers a place where people can gather to play card and board games of all types without having to walk all the way to Café Meeples, located on Main St..

Legendary Games opened in Richmond in July of this year. It’s the company’s third location overall with sister shops in Lafayette, Ind., and Lexington, Ky.).

The store manager, Alex Hamilton, 23, said he prides the store and himself on customer service, the shop’s card selections and the shop’s friendly approach to teaching newcomers.

“Whenever someone is newer to the game, we sit them down and show them what’s up,” Hamilton said. ”How to play and what not…teach them the basics and give them the runaround on the game they’re trying to learn.”

The inside of the store consists of several tables lined up against the right side of the room, with the left side housing board games that people can purchase to play there or to take home. They also sell snacks and drinks, though the store allows customers to bring in their own food.

Legendary Games also hosts several events, like its weekly Friday Night Magic, which are tournaments for Magic the Gathering.

“We’re packed on the weekends,” Hamilton said. “For our bigger events, we get around 20 plus people.”

A regular at the shop, Corey Whitaker, 24, said he loves going there after work.

“I discovered this place about a month ago, and I usually come in about once a week,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker said he also loves the atmosphere Legendary Games offers.

“I like not being bothered to move while I’m playing my game,” Whitaker said.

“We’re very upbeat about everything in here; we don’t like it when people come in just moaning and groaning,” Hamilton said.

For the dedicated Magic player, Legendary Games hosts the Star City Games IQ, a Magic the Gathering card tournament, every third weekend of the month.

“Those are $250 cash to the winner, along with an invite to the Star City Games Invitational, a Magic tournament hosted about every 3-4 months,” Hamilton said. “Those that placed second through eighth get an allotment of packs.”

EKU students who received their coupon books at the beginning of the semester also have coupons for special deals, such as 15 percent off board games and ‘Buy 3 card packs, Get 1 Free.’

Legendary Games is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday except Friday. They’re open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. that day.