Technology has made being alive in the 21st century great. Today, most college students own a smart phone and have pages of apps on it. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand, but this can also have a negative effect, especially if you’re just beginning your college journey. Your first semester can be tough and your cell phone can be distracting, but there are also several apps that can help you with your studies. Here are 10 apps we think you should definitely have on your phone to stay productive and in the loop for the next four years.

Corey’s Top Five Apps

Buzzfeed News – This app curates the most relevant social and entertainment news and allows you to choose topics to get notified about and stay up to date on. You’ll always be on top of the latest news with notifications from BF News, perfect for a quick study break.

Evernote- Evernote is the best way to organize everything in your life. It takes a little bit of time to set up, but if you commit to jotting everything on its searchable notebook system you’ll never forget again. It’s also available on every platform so your notes will always be with you.

Microsoft Word- If you didn’t know, you can download Word for free on your phone or tablet. Sign in with your EKU email and stay productive on the go. It also gives you access to OneDrive to store documents so you can login anywhere and access them to edit or print.

Nice Weather 2- This is the best free weather app. Simple, clean and gives you the information you want before stepping outside for the day. It also provides a visual graph of the day’s temperature and precipitation chance.

Wunderlist – You need a to do list app, it’s the best way to stay on top of things. Plenty of apps can make to do lists, but Wunderlist is the best for most people. It’s easy to use, lets you create subtasks and has powerful reminder settings.

Noena’s Top Five Apps

Amazon- Amazon offers Prime at a discounted rate for students. Just sign up with your EKU student email and the discount lasts until your expected graduation date. The membership includes two-day shipping for free, which comes in handy when you need something quickly for class, and you’re able to rent textbooks at a much cheaper price than purchasing them from the campus bookstore.

Blackboard- The site your professors will use to update your grades, homework and send other information to you. It’s best to keep the app on your phone to make sure you stay updated on class assignments and changes. However, the app does have a tendency to glitch when the site is being updated.

myMail email- Any time you email someone with something school related, especially professors, they will ask you to email them from your EKU student email. The email app should already be pre-downloaded on your phone and you’ll need to set it up with your “” account to receive important updates and changes from campus administration and your professors.

Facebook- Use this app to keep in touch with your family and friends because you will need that extra support during this major change. You can contact and connect to various EKU organizations and see what events are happening on campus anytime.

Twitter- EKU President Benson (@EKUPrez) keeps students up to date with changes, events and his campus outings on Twitter. Alongside the president, there are numerous EKU accounts you should follow to keep updated on what’s happening around campus. You can even find out what is being served for lunch that day, just make sure to follow accounts that have @EKU in the name.

Change is tough especially when you’re transitioning from high school senior to college freshman. It’s important to utilize all your tools to make sure that your experience is fun, but also helps you focus on working hard, achieving your goals and receiving your degree. Just remember, don’t use your phone in class! You might miss out on something important.