The lacrosse team is one of Eastern’s many club sports teams. It schedules its own games, hires its own referees and raise its own money through dues that players pay.

The lacrosse team plays many regional club teams including the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville and Xavier University. The season runs from mid-February to end of May, assuming the team makes it through the tournament. If it wins the tournament, the team can get a bid to nationals.

Justin Wolfer is the vice president of the club and is partially responsible in making sure everything runs according to plan, along with President Chris Murner.

Sometimes the team will play non-club teams from surrounding universities. Those games do not count towards its record though.

“We do play Transy, we have played Asbury and a couple other Division III schools,” Wolfer said. “It just depends who wants to get a scrimmage in with us. We do try and play teams from the NCLL (National College Lacrosse League) just because they count towards our record.”

The team receives no outside funding, paying for everything within the team. On road trips, the players squeeze into cars and drive themselves.

“We tried to do that and we would like to get sponsorship from local businesses, but we haven’t set anything up yet,” Wolfer said. “For road games, we just meet at the rec and pile into cars and everyone just chips in for gas.”

The lacrosse team is much like a fraternity. It pays its dues and operates like a brotherhood. Paying out of their own pockets in order to play something that each player loves can be difficult for people to do. It just shows how sports can bring people together and have a great time doing it.

This Sunday, April 17, the team is hosting a round robin tournament, where three teams come and play one another. Western Kentucky University and Marshall University will be joining EKU at the intramural fields at 11 a.m.

EKU will play Western at 11 a.m. and Marshall at 4 p.m. Go support the team as it makes its way through conference play.