Seen by so called “pro-lifers” as a victory for babies across the state, Matt Bevin has passed the informed consent bill. This bill will force all women looking to get an abortion to be “informed” of how terrible they are.

The only vote against the bill was from Louisville Sen. Perry Clark (D).

Not only are women now asked to meet with their doctor face to face 24 hours prior to the procedure now (in lieu of receiving medical information through the phone), but they must also have an ultrasound in which the picture is described by the doctor in detail. So, instead of receiving information on the purely medical aspects of having an abortion, women can now be informed in person that they are considered murderers by various groups of people.

This bill is nothing more than an unnecessary guilt trip wrapped up in the lie that Republicans care about women’s health.

“This is not informed consent, this is about politicians trying to bully, shame and humiliate women who have already made their personal and often heart-wrenching decision to end their pregnancy,” said Derek Selznick, the Reproductive Freedom Project Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky.

While I don’t believe in abortions at 30 weeks in, I do not believe life starts at conception. If life begins at conception, we as a people should take more care in saving the seeds of life. All fertile sperm and eggs should be expected to be used in the creation of offspring.

Contraception and masturbation should be outlawed. All ovulating females must attempt to get pregnant and any woman who is not pregnant or attempting to get pregnant should be fined.

As we all know, the population is not large enough as it. Let’s go for a second baby boom. India and China have carried the lead in population for too long. Time for America to go back to No. 1!

Jokes aside, abortion is not something that needs to be turned into a guilt trip. Women who have abortions are going through a serious medical procedure. Some of these women have been the victim of sexual assault. Others cannot viably carry a fetus and they must choose between their life or their offspring.

A woman who was raped should not have to have the fetus described to her. Someone who will produce a fetus that will not have any quality of life should not be forced to give birth. A woman should not be forced to choose the life of a fetus over her own.

The matter of being pro-choice is not something people decide because they support the extended and repetitive use of abortion. They may not ever want an abortion for themselves, but understand that this is an OK option for other people.

Abortion is not an option for every woman. However, abortion should be available as an option to every woman.

Matt Bevin does not have the right to dictate the body of women in this state. We, as women, do.