By Cassy Grey

Good job, Kentucky. We did it. We elected a Republican governor who’s sure to induce the change and reform this state needs to be seen as a top tier part of the nation. I can’t wait to see what changes Bevin proposes. You know. Because Republicans are all about change.

From his various contradictory quotes to his somewhat fudged back story of a hardworking, small town boyhood, I can’t honestly tell you what my favorite aspect of Bevin is. I’m leaning toward his hair.

I know that what I want in a political figure is someone who from time to time forgets the statement he has made regarding serious issues within the state.

Do you guys remember that one time Bevin stated he would not be changing the healthcare system in Kentucky? When he said no one would be taken off Obamacare? Yeah, me too. He forgot though, and universal healthcare is for socialists anyway. Who cares if the lower class can’t take care of themselves, am I right? They probably chose to be poor, unlike Bevin.

Regarding Bevin’s choice to not be poor, let’s talk about his upbringing. Just a small town boy who worked hard on his parent’s farm. His father was a factory worker and I’m sure his mother was a housewife. They have to keep up the nuclear, traditional family standards of course.

What wasn’t stated in Bevin’s back story on his website is that Bevin’s father owned the factory where he worked. His family owns Bevin’s Bells, which is the only factory in the nation that solely manufactures bells. The business is based in Connecticut, a state known for its poverty, and has been in his family for many generations.

Bevin may have worked on a farm, but his family was definitely not blue-collar. This probably explains his lack of empathy regarding those who need assistance from the government.

Bevin doesn’t want to assist anyone it would seem. Nearly every Kentuckian has heard Matt Bevin’s declaration that Syrian refugees will not be allowed into the state. Because refugees in Kentucky, a state known for its compassionate and loving citizens (looking at you, Kim Davis), are a serious problem. Because every single refugee is a threat to our American values.

American values are the only way Bevin guides his life. Marriage equality? Not if he had his way. Abortion? Nah, “unborn life matters,” unlike the lives of the Syrian refugees. Gun control? All that does is cause more problems.

See, Bevin has it right. In order to solve the gun violence in America, we should arm each citizen above the age of 5 with some sort of semi-automatic weapon. Eventually, everyone will kill each other and boom: no more gun violence.

Seriously though, we messed up. The voter rates were ridiculously low. I understand to a degree. Getting out there to vote isn’t something that everyone wants to do. If we want to fix our nation though, it’s something we need to do.