Eastern finished third place at the UNC Chapel Hill tournament in North Carolina on Nov. 22, winning two games against West Virginia and Duke.

The Colonels played its first match against West Virginia. Eastern was looking to make a statement in the tournament and it did just that by beating the Mountaineers 2-1.

“By far that was the best game we played all season,” forward Tim Muhsman said. “It was as close enough to a perfect game.”

Eastern could not celebrate too long as it had another game on the same day. The Colonels played the University of North Carolina, the host of the tournament. Eastern fell to the Tar Heels 5-3.

“It was different,” Muhsman said. “The team was tired and disappointed.”

The Colonels had to wait as the UNC Chapel Hill chair decided on who was going to the championship. Cincinnati, who had won both of its games, made it to the championship, while everyone on Eastern’s side of the bracket went 1-1.

Goal differential decided the tie breaker which went to West Virginia by one goal. Eastern had the second-best goal differential.

The Colonels were disappointed, but had to get ready for an early Sunday game as it prepared for Duke. The Colonels won 7-6 in a shootout.

Muhsman scored the game-winning goal. Goalie Kris Renfrow started the first and last games, going 1-1. Corey Jenks got on a hot streak as he had scored in all three games.

The Colonels need to work on getting production from other players, just like the offensive production it got from freshmen forwards Andrew Whitehead and Muhsman.

Eastern will take on West Virginia again as it’s scheduled to play the Mountaineers on Dec. 4 and 5 in Charleston, West Virginia.