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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are upon us and the average caloric intake increases. With holidays comes days out of class and off campus. The cold weather is here as well and getting out of a warm bed or couch becomes even harder.

In an attempt to help students stay in shape, for the entire month of November the Recreation Center is holding a workout challenge called “Don’t be a turkey.”

“It’s to motivate people to work harder, and keep the holiday weight off” said Gregory Corak, associate director of programs at the Fitness and Wellness Center. “It’s open for everyone on campus, and easy to keep track of.”

Studies show the average weight gain during the holidays is only around a pound. However, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, most people never lose that pound after the holidays.

Corak, creator of “Don’t be a Turkey,” sees a decline in the number of visitors to the gym during the month of November. Colder weather and it being the end of the semester all play a part for the reduction.

The challenge has had over 90 participants during the first week. The most important part is completing it. Corak hopes at least 50 people complete the challenge but the more the better.

The challenge is 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength, a total of 15 times throughout the month of November. Participants must also complete the form after each session. The biggest prize is keeping the weight off and staying in shape during the holidays, but for further motivation, an EKU beanie will be given to anyone who completes the challenge.

Students agree whether visiting the gym regularly or occasionally, taking part in the challenge and keeping weight off during the holidays is a healthy choice.

“It’s important to stay healthy throughout the year not just this month” said Terrell Roberts 19, a freshman from Paris. Roberts likes to frequent the gym regularly throughout the year and stay healthy regardless of the month.

“People get lazy and start slacking and become less motivated during the holidays” said Chandler English 18, a freshman from Paris. English believes staying motivated throughout the holidays will keep the motivation running even after the holidays.

“With the cold, people are less motivated and use it as an excuse to not work out” said Lucas Rutledge 19, a sophomore from Paris. Rutledge tries not to give in the excuses and push through the holidays working out and staying fit.