In a society where Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seem to be continually crunched into one lump of holiday fun, students weigh-in on whether it’s worth the trouble.

Decorating for Christmas is a task typically saved for after Thanksgiving so each holiday can get its fair share of attention. However, students have only two weeks after Thanksgiving before moving out for Christmas break. So they have to share their Christmas excitement early.

There seems to be a mix of attitudes when it comes to holiday decor. Some are over-the-top, some are minimalist in their approach, and others show little enthusiasm. Having little time to appreciate the Christmas decor leaves residents with a choice: decorate before Thanksgiving, or not at all.

Some students have gone all out and decorated their doors and dorms for Christmas despite the pre-turkey environment.

“We have a Christmas tree in my dorm and I’m thinking about bringing another from home,” said Emma Roach-Barrette, a freshman criminal justice major from Menifee County.

Other students have plans to decorate very soon.

“I plan on putting a couple hooks over the door frame and hanging lights all over our door,” said Mason Reeves, a sophomore physics major from Harlan.

Most doors keep it simple with a Christmas wreath and maybe a gingerbread man or some snowflakes, while others are covered in wrapping paper and bows. Some people are still holding onto Halloween and have yet to remove decorations

Other students have found a way to put off decorating until after the break and enjoy their decorations for more than just a couple weeks.

“I think me and my roommate are planning on decorating with snow and snowflakes so we can keep it up in January, too,” said Emily Hutcherson, a freshman management major from Winchester.

One student and her roommate have a plan that would allow them to keep their decorations up even after the break.

“We’re decorating the door. We were thinking about making a year-round tree and different ornaments for each season. It’s not going to be a Christmas tree, exactly,” said Jamie Pennall, a freshman math and statistics major from Northern Kentucky.

Some students have decided to not decorate their doors at all.

“I haven’t decorated yet, and probably won’t. I’ll just have to take it down later,” said Andrew Coyle, a freshman philosophy major from Mount Sterling.

To some, the idea of decorating just seems frivolous and unnecessary.

“I really just don’t have the time and resources. I don’t want to put out the money. It seems a little silly to decorate a door anyway,” said Spencer Chowning, a sophomore history major from Bardstown.