If the students of Eastern had their way, Matt Bevin (R) would be the next governor of Kentucky.

The Department of Government hosted a mock election Wednesday, Oct. 21, in the lobby of the library. Students passing by were asked to educate themselves and cast a vote for Kentucky’s next governor in the mock gubernatorial election.

While the Department of Government was hosting the event, the College Republicans and College Democrats organizations were on hand to provide information about the candidates.

Sebastian Torres 19, a political science junior from Hollywood, Fla., is a member of the College Republicans organization and said the group spent most of the day speaking to students and handing out flyers about the election. They handed out over 2,000 flyers about voting for Matt Bevin.

The process was simple. Any student who wanted to vote filled out a paper ballot in the Department of Government office and that was it.

Bevin received 72 percent of the vote, Conway had 22 percent and the independent candidate, Drew Curtis had one percent.