Project Greenlight, after being off the air for more than ten years, was renewed by HBO this year for it’s third season. The shows premise is to have a contest where aspiring filmmakers make a short home video and submit it to the Greenlight website.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck ( who head the project) along with HBO review the submissions and the winner gets a certain amount of money to make their own movie with the guidance of producers and writers that HBO hand picks. The show originally went off the air because the two movies made the first time around were terrible and HBO lost a good bit of money.

The show was viewed as a disaster. This is why everyone was shocked eight months ago when HBO announced they were renewing the reality-style program and putting up $3 million dollars for the winner as opposed to $1 million like in previous seasons. So far, it has proven to be a brilliant move. Not only did the wisely shorten the season from 13 to eight, but winning director, Jason Mann, is a weird, artistic filmmaker who fits every holly wood directer stereotype.

He continually clashes with his strong outspoken producer, Effie Brown, because Mann refuses to compromise on anything in his film. All the producer cares about is the budget and he is blind to it.

To begin the season, comedy film genius Peter Farrelly was brought on to mentor the young director. He was run off by Effie because She thought he was going over her head and making decisions on his own. While all this is going on, HBO and the senior show runners do exactly what they should and stay the hell out of the way.

Why? Because this train wreck of a movie is hilarious and fantastic entertainment. I hate reality tv, but this is a reality show that is about a fascinating subject and the ridiculous holly wood drama is fantastic. When you hear the director, he sounds like he knows what he’s doing and has a bright future. The movie may even turn out great but the process of getting there is so ridiculous and hilarious I cant quit watching it.

Something about listening to people who get to make movies for a living bitching about how there going to spend $3 million dollars is amazing. The movie premieres Monday, Nov. 2 on HBO so the show is almost over. I had to write something about it because it has been so much more entertaining than it was in the past. If you have access to HBO Now or HBO Go I recommend catching up on it. The last episode will premiere Sunday, Nov. 1, the day before the movie airs.