Student Senator, Chair of Student Rights Committee

First let me start off with a bit of background information onto who I am. I am a person who rarely gets scared by actual danger. I have a greater fear of looking at my bank account than being stuck outside in bad weather. I am also an individual who rarely changes her mind about anything unless true facts prove me wrong. I rarely listen to anyone unless I hold them near and dear to my heart.

One of these people is my younger sister. When we were growing up, my sister was the one that was always taking risks, be it riding rollercoasters or sneaking out late at night. I always view my sister as the true definition of fearless. This has changed this morning, maybe for the better. I received out of the blue a text message from her.

For the last day and a half I have more or less pushed this threat out of my mind, thinking little of it (I personally believe it’s some punk trying to get out of an exam) till my sister texted me asking what’s going on at my beloved university. I told her my thoughts and told her I was still going to my classes. She asked me not to. My sister, the fearless warrior, told me not to go to class. I asked her why, she said she was scared for me. And that’s when it hit me. This monster of an individual, who smeared the walls in black, has caused fear. And I am angry at this. I am angry he has caused fear in the heart of my sister. I am angry he has caused fear in the hearts of my senators. And I am angry he has caused fear in the hearts of my university. To the individual who has done this, I say to you: your time is up soon. You will be caught. You will be punished. You will be sent away for a long time.

You have angered the wrong sister. You have angered the wrong senator. You have angered the wrong Colonel.

However, I hope toward the end you find peace. I hope the monster inside of you leaves your mind and soul alone.

As stated during the threat last year and during all the issues that befall us as a university, we are EKU Strong.