We at The Progress sincerely hope you were aware of Student Senate’s approved vote this past Tuesday to implement a mandatory $150 fee, as this will affect every single student enrolled in Eastern for the next 20 years.

In case you didn’t know, the fee is designed to pay off debt services accrued by a 20-year agency bond Eastern is going to request during the state general assembly in January 2016. The bond will pay for the new Center for Student Life, in which its envisioned that Powell will be renovated and phase two of the rec center will be constructed.

Despite the significance of this fee, we did not see any publication, created by SGA readily available to every student, no fliers strewn about Middle Powell and no booth to harass students as they are walking to class.

Shouldn’t every student have been talking about this? Several students we’ve spoken to had no idea such a proposal existed and were shocked this hasn’t had more attention.

What The Progress did not do was take a stand on the fee itself. What we called for was a postponement of the vote so students could learn more about the fee and have their questions and concerns heard by their student senators elected for just that reason.

We are extremely disappointed in the lack of a unified effort by the Student Senate as a whole to educate the student body and provide an outlet for student feedback. We are aware of strong efforts made by independent senators, but those efforts would have made a greater impact if they were concentrated into a collective effort to reach the students,

We understand that this fee has the potential to benefit the university as a whole, but we also understand the student body was severely under-informed about a fee that will affect them every semester. It’s a necessity for students to be given information and it’s the student government’s responsibility to have that information readily available. We think less than a week is not adequate time for everyone to learn about what this really means for them.

Student Senate is here to represent your voice, and we wanted to make sure they did that.

The Progress wrote several editorials between last Thursday and Tuesday urging Student Senate to postpone the vote.