Student Senate Committee-on-Committees Chair

The Eastern Progress has posted several articles asking Student Senate to postpone the vote regarding the $150 fee proposal that was introduced over a month ago. However, as a member of the Student Senate, I feel that there needs to be some clarification on the information in the articles.

This plan was introduced to Senate on Jan. 27. On Jan. 28, the Progress posted this well written, informational article titled “Proposed Overhaul Centers Around Students.” That article was also on the front page. Literally one day passed since the proposal was introduced to Senate and the information was made available. Since then, Senate formed an ad-hoc committee. Senators have been talking to students. I personally have been speaking to students, administrators and faculty (both in Richmond and on the extended campuses) and we organized a forum that was advertised in EKU Students Today, EKU Today, and on the SGA, EKU Gurus, Eastern Progress, and EKU main social media pages. However, much like in any representative democracy, it is incredibly difficult to reach and gather information from every single person – which is why representatives are elected.

The information provided in the original Progress article – that is the information. Everything else – the forum, talking to classes, sharing on social media, talking to clubs, groups, and individual students – has been about gathering the response to the proposal, which is what The Progress seems to insinuate that Senate hasn’t been doing.

To another point, there is the claim that students don’t know who their Senators are (despite the fact that they are elected by majority vote every spring). Multiple individual senators have been sharing this information on social media – in fact, other than the article about the threat in February, the original article The Progress posted about the proposal has been their most shared article this semester. Also, someone from the Progress was at the forum, and multiple opportunities were given for anyone to ask questions, but the reporter chose not to. If they feel there are gaps in the information, why not ask a question at the forum? Likewise, the date of the vote was announced in Senate over three weeks ago. The Progress also has a reporter at our meetings who could have reported that date, but did not. So again, forgive me, but I’ve seen senators do a significant amount of due diligence on this. The idea that we’re voting without being informed of the student voice on this is starting to seem less like seeking legitimate information and more like an attack on Student Government in order to create controversy.