Student Senate has recently discussed implementing a mandatory student fee of $150 per semester, but there’s one major issue…students don’t know about it. If it weren’t for the fact that we cover Student Senate on a weekly basis, then The Progress wouldn’t know either.

Student Senate and the Student Government Administration have only made one legitimate attempt in an open forum to notify the student body about this upcoming fee, to tell students what exactly it is for. Shouldn’t students be given more opportunity to become informed?

Shouldn’t the students know every facet of information for this fee? After all students will be the ones paying for potential facilities and improvements that most of us will never see, yet we are all investors in this project.

The fee, which will be voted on next week, should have been made known to students when it was first in the works. Now it is nearing crunch time to get students’ ideas out there and inform the Student Senate what students think about the fee.

Every single student on and off this campus has a right to know where his or her money is going. If this fee is passed it will affect every regional and main campus student, so we think this should be discussed in every class, at every dinner table, and anywhere the students are.