Guest Columnist

On Friday, Nov. 14, Underground Powell was supposed to show a screening of the hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy at 8 p.m. Students and guests gathered at the destination around 7:45 p.m., waiting for the doors to open. When the time comes for the movie to start, Underground Powell was still closed and the movie was never shown.

A friend of mine searched online for any news about the movie being moved or canceled, and found something that announced the movie would show after the midnight breakfast during dead week. This is not the only time events like this have been announced and then canceled or forgotten.

A while back, there was a flier in Powell that said there would be a comedy event titles The Muslims Are Coming, performed by two Muslims in Underground Powell. The night they were scheduled to be there, I went to Underground Powell a few minutes before, knowing the doors would be open and there would be people already there, waiting for the show to start. But when I got there, the doors were closed and no one was there. I looked at a schedule that was on a wall beside Underground Powell, but the comedian show wasn’t listed.

Another example is the Halloween Ball hosted at Keen Johnson. After the first two weeks of October, my friends and I began to wonder if there would be a Halloween Ball at all because there were no fliers or information for it. Then, a week before Halloween, I go to Powell and finally see a flier for the Halloween Ball. When the Ball took place, it didn’t have as big of an outcome as it usually did. There were hardly any snacks, aside from candy and orange cream floats. Other Halloween Balls I’ve been to at Eastern had a wide spread of pizza, drinks and candy. Last year, there was a photo booth with fun props. In my opinion, this year’s Ball fell short.

If there are events that are going to take place on campus, students should be notified a few weeks prior to it. And most importantly, the events should stay scheduled for the original date unless they need to change it around. If events have to be canceled, for whatever reason, an e-mail or report on EKU Students Today should be sent out to students. Rather than promising campus a fun event, then suddenly having nothing to offer and moving it to another date the night of.

I understand events get moved or canceled for many reasons. However, it is important to let people know the event will be canceled before the original date arrives. Or, if there is going to be a huge event students will enjoy, let them know about it ahead of time so there will be a large turnout.