Managing editor

If I had to only list one thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, it wouldn’t be something I own, but before you roll your eyes and assume I’m going to say something sappy, I can assure you that I am going to be very superficial.

It’s the man bun. No, not a males behind, but the long, luxurious man-tresses rolled up in to the perfect bun. Oh the glory of the man bun. There is no better feature of a man than his hair. Not his personality, or his intelligence, it’s all about the hair.

What’s the best part of the man bun? You have to earn it. The trendsetters had to be brave and rock their manes before anyone else even recognized their beauty. Now the followers are praying to the hair gods to let their hair grow just enough to wrap in a tight bun at the nape of their necks. And it’s a good thing. A really good thing.

At first it was a rare sight. On campus, the man buns usually hung out by the rock wall at the gym. There was a good chance you could spot one at the Pinnacles too.  And they were even harder to relate to with their Chaco’s and trail mix, it seemed like the man buns were off limits to anyone without a working knowledge of mountain biking and building fires.

But as the trend gains more momentum, it’s likely you’ll see a man bun chilling in DSP, or studying in the library. Their frequency is increasing with every week of No Shave November and more than a few boys on Eastern’s favorite teams are sporting the look.

And there’s no losing if you’re a guy trying out the trend. If you create the perfect bun every time: win. If you aren’t quite the hair looping expert, it still looks great because it’s looks like you didn’t put much time into it: win.

Men of the world, or at least the campus, this is a public service announcement: for the love of everything that is holy, grow your hair out and put those tendrils up in a bun.

The days of the buzz cut and the pompadour are through, it’s time to hunker down and focus. The clean-shaven look is out and the full on grizzly beard, flannel and buns are 100% guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye.

Yes, I may be a little intense, some may say obsessive.  But I can’t get enough. The thirst cannot be quenched. Help a girl out, rock the bun.