Some students have complained about the lack of a menus readily available online for students to view for Upstairs Powell. Student senators debated this fact in their meeting on Nov. 4.

Student Senator Allie Maples said this was the greatest complaint she recieved when she asked students about EKU Dining.

Dining Services committee chair Katie Scott said there is a webpage called CampusDish online, that provides the menu for the entire month. But, she said this also depends on when students go, as the initial dish they prepare may run out and chefs will have to make something new.

“I would say that CampusDish is right about 90 percent of the time,” Scott said.

One solution suggested was for EKU Dining to tweet out their menu on a daily basis because students check their Twitter all the time, Senator J.P. Fischer said.

Maples accepted this solution, saying SGA should promote CampusDish a lot more while they are in the process of starting these new tweets.

Debate sparked when Senator Rachel Keys called for a change in Aramark, saying that the foodservice corporation wasn’t very responsive to students.

Dining Services committee chair Katie Scott was quick to refute those claims, saying EKU Dining workers love to communicate with students, especially through social media.

“They love trolling with students,” Scott said. “They just want students to communicate with them.”

Scott cited one example when a student complained recently that they wanted grapefruit in Upstairs Powell, Aramark listened to them and put grapefruit out the following Thursday.

The quality of food was also brought up during discussion.

Aramark is under a national purchasing policy, which dictates that every cafeteria under Aramark has to buy the same quality food, Scott said. If they go any lower, or higher, they will be flagged by the national headquarters and could face penalties.

“Aramark has a certain food they can get and if they don’t buy it they get in trouble,” Scott said.

Scott also reported the kiosks in Telford and Keene Halls have been performing poorly as of late and there is talks of moving them to better accommodate a different group of students.