Regents meetings should be accessible to greatest number? Shouldn’t the regents meeting be accessible to all? Do  students that attend extended and regional campuses not count as Eastern students? We may not live on or near Richmond’s main campus, but we pay tuition, take classes and take pride in our university just as the main campus students do.

Why should the regents only meet on the main campus where it would be a two hour drive or more for us students from Hazard attend? By bringing the regents meeting to Hazard it gave southeastern students an opportunity to meet the regents and President Benson which is something most of us only get to do on the day we graduate when he presents us with our diploma. That is, of course, if we are lucky enough to be able to make the two hour drive to Richmond for the graduation ceremony.

Having one of the four meetings at an extended or regional campus is by no means stopping anyone on the main campus from attending these meetings; it is only creating an opportunity to reach community members and students who might not have such a chance to meet with board members. As stated, these meetings are open to the public and anyone may attend. Anyone from the main campus was more than welcome to make the two hour drive to join us. Our “tents” (as depicted in the article) are plenty big enough to seat anyone.

We would like to thank the Board of Regents and President Benson for conducting the meeting in Hazard. Thank you for making the effort to come to Hazard. By doing so, you have let us know that we are still a part of the university family.

The extended and regional students in Hazard and other Eastern centers and campuses may not have the number of students the Richmond campus has, but we are all just as much a part of Eastern as those living on the Richmond campus. We are are all Colonels!

Eastern Hazard
campus students