Phillis Duncan
Guest columnist

Have you ever wondered why you and your roommate are now distant with little to no conversation?

If you and your roommate started off on the right foot, but can’t stand each other now, then something went wrong. There are always reasons why you and your roommate don’t get along like you used to, and understanding them can help you take a step back and re-evaluate your living situation.

One reason is constantly apologizing about minor things. For example, saying you’re sorry for walking too loud in the room or leaving the light on once you leave the room. These are minor mistakes, and aren’t worth apologizing for. Things worth apologizing for are more disruptive instances. Things like entering the room at late hours and being loud while your roommate is sleeping, or by slamming doors. An occasional apology is acceptable, but learn from your mistakes.

Also, being an obnoxious fan that brags about your favorite team’s accomplishments against your roommate’s favorite team may come off as overly aggressive. Being careless and inconsiderate about your roommate’s feelings, space, and belongings can turn into a major issue.

Is your side of the room constantly cluttered and disorganized?  If you always say you’re going to tidy up but never do, this could be a big point of tension for the roommate relationship.  If you’re causing any type of odor, whether it is from old food, trash or dirty clothes, you could be immune to the stench, but your roommate could be uncomfortable bringing their friends over, or living there in general.

Asking to borrow your roommate’s belongings is also a problem. In the beginning your roommate may have been trying to be polite, but know when you’re “overstaying your welcome” with their stuff.

These particular points can lead frosty silences in the shared occupancies. The whole situation can be uncomfortable. If your relationship with your roommate gets to the point where you’re avoiding spending time in the room together, it’s unfair to both of you.

It’s only October, so it’s not too late to patch up issues with your roommate. Hopefully, it doesn’t get to the point where one of you wants to move out because of the bad experience. Some changes don’t happen overnight, but if your roommate notices a change, it shows you care about their feelings. From there your relationship will sweeten instead of sour.