Over the past few weeks I, as well as a lot of you I imagine, have been submersed in conversations over having a beloved girlfriend/boyfriend.

Fall is here, with winter soon approaching. This transition paired with the beginning of the semester has caused many crushing breakups. Now everyone is scrambling to look for a pair of hands to warm their own on the lengthy walk to class in the approaching cold months.

When sitting in downstairs Powell one might also find themselves encompassed by echoing voices, all pondering questions like, “Why can’t I find someone?” or, “Why does no one like me?” and the dreaded, “How did they get a girlfriend or boyfriend when I can’t?” The answer to these questions, as well as many more, is the same as it always has been:

Just be yourself.

No matter the amount of teachers, friends, life coaches and family members voicing this idea, the sad fact remains; no one bothers with committing to the idea.

Being yourself means acting and participating in things that you thoroughly enjoy, as well as acting without the thought of finding someone.

Involve yourself in activities that you find enjoyable and absorb yourself in them. You will begin meeting people with similar interests. In my deep and honest opinion, this is the key to finding someone. Instead of seeing someone for face value, the two of you may share a connection that surpasses superficial physical attractions.

People are at their most attractive when they are truly happy. Be open this semester to finding new groups on campus and giving them a chance. Don’t be hesitant to try things you haven’t in the past for fear of judgment or failure. Work on yourself and wrestle your insecurities.

Lastly, open your mind to the bizarre and less accepted idea that maybe, just maybe, being single is absolutely and irrevocably OK. Crazy I know, but you are young and free. You have all the tools to have some of your happiest days in this environment; the next step is simply allowing yourself to do so.

Allow people to see who you are by committing to being an individual. The next time you find yourself surrounded by wishful longing for a significant other, remember that eHarmony is not the answer. Be yourself, and all else will follow.