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Eastern students are quickly noticing Yik Yak, the newest anonymous posting app.

The app gives users the opportunity to post “yaks” about anything and everything. According to the app’s official website, the yaks cannot  “directly or indirectly transmit any pornographic, obscene, offensive, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, illegal, or otherwise objectionable material or content.”

The yak can contain text up to 200 characters and people can also reply to yaks. Yaks show up on the user’s feed according to their location. Any yaks posted within a 1.5-mile radius have the potential to show up on the users home feed. Users can up-vote or down-vote each yak to show their thoughts on the particular yak.

Eastern’s yaks vary day-to-day, but the majority is about Greek like, parties and campus life as a whole.

“Had Taco Bell and USP today… RIP to my toilet,” said an anonymous Eastern user.

According to the official Yik Yak website, the app was created only 10 months ago by two college students from Furnam University in South Carolina.

Some students said they think the app is harmless fun.

“Yik Yak is hilarious because the things posted are not to be taken seriously,” said Trent Logan, 21, a wildlife management junior from Tompkinsville.

The app, meant for a more mature audience, stops working when a user is close to middle and high schools. This is done with the help of a GPS locator. To prevent bulling, users will receive a message that tells them the app is temporary disabled while they are in the vicinity.

Eastern students should have no problem using Yik Yak unless the students are in close proximity to Model Laboratory School.

Some students have mixed-feelings about the Yik Yak app on Eastern’s campus.

“It sounds cool but weird at the same time because it is all anonymous,” said Katie Henderson, 21, an education senior from Lexington. “It seems like many underclassmen are on here because I haven’t heard many of my friends using it.”

“ I think Yik Yak is cool because it all anonymous and you can post random things that no one will know it was you,” said Kyle Plummer, 19, a fire investigation and explosive junior from Zionsville, Ind.