Adjusting to college life can be difficult. You don’t know many people, you’re not familiar with the campus and there’s a large amount of pressure on you. These seven tips will help you survive your first year. 

Always attend class: Unless it’s a life or death situation, never miss a lecture. No matter how boring you think your class may be, there are always important lessons to learn. Take quality notes so you can be prepared for every exam or quiz.

Be organized: The easiest trick is to keep all your syllabi from every class. Get an organizer or a wall calendar to keep track of assignments and due dates. Also, always keep graded assignments in a separate folder until the end of the semester, sometimes professors make mistakes when they’re recording grades and you’ll need evidence in case you have to appeal a grade. 

Find the perfect study spot: It’s best to work on research papers or other homework assignments in a quiet setting. A relaxing study space is the best way to focus and apply yourself with few distractions. Eastern offers a variety of options from computer labs, café’s and dorm study rooms to more adventurous places like the Ravine.  

Meet with your professors: Take advantage of the office hours that your professor lists on the syllabus. Professors are here to assist you the best they can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the class, don’t hesitate to email or stop by their office, most professors welcome the chance to help students. Don’t be afraid to approach a professor with an issue you have. 

Don’t procrastinate: By far the hardest rule to follow, procrastinating can be one of the most stressful things you do in college. Prioritize your time; make sure you start on your assignments a minimum of four days before its due, but a week in advance is even better. Starting your work early will ensure that you will put in your best effort with few errors and less stress. 

Strive for outstanding grades: Once you say, “I just want a passing grade,” or, “I just want to be done with this class,” is when it really starts to go downhill. Don’t develop this mentality. Dedicate yourself to your studies because this is why you are in college. Persevere through the difficult assignments and tests. There is tutoring session offered on campus if you need help with a subject. The tools are there; you just have to utilize them. 

Learn to cope with homesickness: Instead of going home every weekend, get acquainted with campus. If you miss people from home, invite them to campus and give them a tour of where your favorite classes are located. You’re at college to become independent and to thrive in an environment that you aren’t used to. Branch out of your comfort zone, meet new people and become involved in weekend activities and events.