Freshman aren’t the only ones getting used to Eastern. Whether upsizing or downsizing, transfer students make up a large portion of the student body and view campus differently than freshman.
Every year as the fall semester starts, New Student Days are held for incoming freshman and transfer students to help them transition into college. Many of the activities, however, are geared toward freshman, not transfers.
Laura Norris, 21, a geology major from Somerset, said transferring to Eastern from Somerset Community College was a whole new experience for her. She said the new student days “[didn’t] emphasize transfers” enough.
Devin Brewer, 20, a criminal justice major from Frankfort also said that it felt like a whole new experience, “but I didn’t feel like a freshman.”  Brewer had previously attended both University of Kentucky and Bluegrass Technical College so he was familiar with college life. Many transfer students already have college experience and don’t feel like the activities offered during the new student days are helpful to their needs.
“BCTC was too small and UK was too big,” Brewer said.
About 60 percent of students attending Eastern have some amount of transfer credits, according to the Student Outreach and Transition website. While transfer credits from other colleges almost always are accepted without conflict, sometimes the students themselves do not transition as smoothly as their credits.
“It took me like four months to make friends,” said Emily Sherlock, 22, a Criminal Justice major from Cincinnati. Sherlock said all of her general education credits transferred from Cincinnati State Community College, but she didn’t know how to get involved on campus or what was offered.
Another transfer student, Chris Martin, 21, an athletic training major from Fort Thomas said he wished someone would have told him about the mold in Combs before he moved in last Spring.
Although transfer students sometimes take a while getting used to life at Eastern, students said they’re typically happy with their decision to transfer to Eastern.
“I don’t miss the 150 person classes, extra tuition money or parking at UK,” Martin says. He also said he believes Eastern is more personal, “I don’t think I ever spoke to a teacher at UK once out of class, and I have gotten to know all of my professors here.”
Andrew Brickner, 20, a criminal justice major from Frankfort and transfer from BCTC, said Eastern is “a lot bigger and there are more things to do.” He also agrees that professors here are great at developing relationships with students and are always “willing to help you.”
“I wish I had gone here from the start,” Brickner said.
Eastern recently teamed up with Kentucky Community and Technical College System to make the college transfer process easier for those coming from a technical college. According to an announcement on Eastern’s website, any student wishing to transfer to Eastern signs an agreement confirming all information on their current transcript is correct and the student’s information is put into Eastern’s DegreeeWorks. This new plan helps to keep the transfer student from being subjected to any future curriculum changes and supplies them with an adviser to make sure they are on the right path in their education.