Jacob Blair



Is dead week and impending finals stressing you out?

Yeah, it’s stressing me out, too. But what I don’t understand is with stress maxed out, how can so many people be proposing and getting married recently. Why have you made the decision to get married or engaged?

I just want to add a quick disclaimer that I’m happy for you if you make the decision to get engaged or married, but what I find intriguing is the timing. I know that I’m single and if you ask me this week if I’m happy being single, I will say that I am. Why? Because I know that I would go berserk if I had to juggle the potential aspect of balancing a relationship, let alone getting married, finding a job, trying to do well in my classes, publishing the paper and somehow finding time to work on my honors thesis and study for finals.

My big thing is; why do you spend months to either save up enough money to buy the ring or plan out the ceremony when you have a final exam to worry about? Honestly, your schoolwork should probably take up the rest of your time until every last grade is posted. I know the exams are stressful, but make the decision to either propose or having the ceremony count by planning properly, and don’t go into the library or outside the Powell Building and try to propose, while your significant other is studying for their exam, that’s just a bad idea.

Have you realized that not many people get engaged or married when it’s 30 degrees outside? As soon as the humidity and temperature cranked up, so did all the notifications on Facebook and everywhere else on social media. Don’t blow up my news feed when I’m trying to focus on other things and using Facebook as a distraction, you’re not helping my productivity level increase. Along with Facebook, engagement notices lose their value when several couples propose within a few days time. Just like when six people share the same birthday. It gets annoying to repeatedly type the same message and attempt to show some emotion without rolling your eyes at the screen.

I also want engaged couples to think about the cost of the wedding for a minute. You should sincerely ask yourself if it is affordable to propose or have a wedding at the current time. Let’s say that you propose during finals week of your senior year, your fiancé says yes and you get married six months down the road. At the same time you and your families are shelling out big bucks to make the day go perfectly and arrange for a honeymoon getaway, you’ll be getting a loan debt repayment notice from your government student loans. That’s an awesome wedding gift.

In closing, I mainly wanted to say think about what you’re doing before you jump off the diving board into the deep end of a relationship. As for me, I might go hide from Facebook for a while until engagement photo season is over. I think it will be safe to return to social media when it’s 30 degrees outside.

Jacob Blair is a journalism junior. Email progress@eku.edu