Alphabet Center hosts movie night

The Alphabet Center will host a movie night at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 24. It will take place in Powell Underground and is open to everyone.

The films being shown will feature lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender television and culture, and will be picked based on audience choice. The event serves to allow current members to hang out and unwind before dead week and finals week.

For more information, contact Adam Sparks at

Abby McDulin

Eastern Eggstravaganza draws prize hunters

Fifteen minutes before the annual Eggstravaganza began, hunters spread throughout the Ravine, scoping out which colorful egg they would try to snatch first while counting down the seconds till 6 p.m.

“I love egg hunts,” said Brianna Buckingham, 19, a sophomore nursing major from Dayton, Ohio.  “I’m always up to get some free prizes.”

The event consisted of two Easter egg hunts, one for children under the age of 13 at 5:30 p.m. and one for anyone over the age of 13 at 6 p.m.

“Between both hunts, we hid around 700 candy and prize-filled eggs,” said Kelsey Hagan, 20, sophomore pre-occupational science major and programming chair of Residence Life Council from Fishers, Ind.

Prizes consisted of anything from small toys for kids to gift cards to Cinemark for adults.  RLC has put together at least three Eggstravaganzas before, Hagan said.

“We invited the entire community,” Hagan said.

The warm weather and invitations brought in close to 100 egg hunters, one of the best turnouts the Eggstravaganza has ever had, she said.

“It was a great opportunity for community involvement,” said Lindy Darnell, 19, a sophomore public health major from Winchester, who collected 12 eggs. “I had a lot of fun hunting with my sorority sisters.”

With the success of this year’s Eggstravaganza, Hagan said SGA’s Residence Life Council plans to put the event together again next spring.

Tana Collett