Nearly every year, The Progress’ editorial staff changes. People move around, people graduate, new staff members want to try their hands at editing, writing, photography or design. It really takes a lot of work, but I’m truly thankful that for next year, I’ll inherit a paper with a great staff and I’m looking forward to a lot of things that will be changing and I want to take time to tell you what we’ll try in the fall.

First, I aim for this paper to have a greater social media presence. Students, faculty, staff and community members get news throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter. I hurt inside to see everybody sharing stories from Lexington television stations when we had the opportunity to cover it ourselves. Then the other times when we actually got stories online before the other media outlets, it gave me a real sense of accomplishment, mainly because we didn’t get scooped. 

Along with this social media presence, I want our paper to become more of a daily operation. New content can be posted every day to our website and we can actually upload breaking news in real time. Even when we do upload content daily, we hope to have some stories in the paper published Thursday before the content goes online, which is why you should still pick up our newspaper on your way to class in the morning.

Are we the first newspaper to attempt these feats? No, not by any stretch of the imagination but ultimately it’s about connecting with our readers. We want to deliver content that you want to read, we want to make connections with you through talking with you and interacting on social media and find out what things are going on at Eastern that affect your life. If we can’t make that basic connection, we miss the mark with everything we attempt.

Grace Hopper once said, “the most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘we’ve always done it this way.’”

The journalism industry is changing and like other major programs at Eastern, we want to offer our students the best opportunities to get real-world experience.

It is my dream for the fall, that the 92nd year of The Progress is the best year in the history of the publication and that you’ll get to read some amazing stories that leave you wanting more not only every week, but also every day.

Jacob Blair is a journalism junior. Email