First world problems have become a social phenomenon complete with hashtags and websites dedicated to the topic. You feel guilty when complaining about something trivial when you think about all the luxuries available to you just because of where you live.

As a college student, I experience first world problems on a daily basis. For example: walking to class when it’s cold outside, complaining about the food in upstairs Powell, or having to take the stairs when the elevator is broken. These may seem like silly complaints; that’s why they’re first world problems. I’m happy to be an Eastern student, but here are some of my first world problems, college edition.

In mid-January, I was moving from Clay Hall into Martin. I was given only 24 hours to move my belongings and it happened to be on the day Richmond had a blizzard. After de-icing my vehicle, cramming my stuff inside, sliding in my car around campus, fighting the snow and carrying my things up four flights of stairs (there’s no elevator in Martin), I was finally moved in.

The next morning, a shower was the perfect way to start my day. Upon turning on the shower, I discovered there wasn’t any hot water. I gathered my shower-caddy and went to the bathroom downstairs, same result. My nerves wearing thin, I waited for 30 minutes for the water to finally warm up to a decent temperature. I’ve come to learn Martin showers have only two settings, arctic cold or Satan’s bath water. Later that day, Martin had not one, but two fire drills. These were two of eight alarms that happened within a week. By this time I was starting to really dislike the cold.

Eastern is a fine institution, but tell me why appliances and technology never seem to work on campus. Wi-Fi is almost non-existent no matter where you are, elevators are constantly out of order even though they always have repairmen working on them, heaters only work when it’s already warm outside and it’s impossible to do laundry for under $10 because the dryer can never dry your clothes enough. These are Eastern technology first world problems.

Parking is a situation that everyone complains about and it seems like it can never get fixed. This is especially true if you’re one of the unlucky students parking in the Lancaster lot. The university was nice enough to build a crosswalk over the highway for students, but to be honest I think it’s quicker to just cross the highway rather than taking stairs or a slow elevator to the top of the crosswalk and then back down.

Being a lazy college student, dodging traffic seems like a decent choice. By the time you’ve reached your dorm or classroom, you’ve walked enough to count that as your workout for the month. The Lancaster lot is definitely an Eastern student’s first world problems.

There are many things a college student could consider a first world problem. These are things which really shouldn’t be complained about, but that doesn’t make them any less undesirable. As long as college students have things to complain about, there will always be first world problems.

Kayla Lasure is a journalism sophomore. Email progress@eku.edu.