For the first time, the Student Government Association will have some input in how money collected through student fees will be used on campus, and SGA members said they would seek input from students on how they’d like to see the money spent.

SGA said it would most likely issue a student survey either through EKU Direct or students’ EKU MyMail that would collect student feedback, so that they know where the student body wants their money going.

“Surveys are not always accurate, but they are a small step forward,” said J.P. Fisher, vice president of residence life.

Most of the discussion March 24, the second joint branch meeting of the year, revolved around anticipated tuition and fee increases for next school year. SGA’s Executive Cabinet put together a proposal showing how student fees could be implemented next year over a range of potential tuition increases, from no increase to 5 percent. As of now, the only student fees aside from tuition are the technology fee and the campus recreation fee. President Benson will review SGA’s proposal and take that into account once the state’s Council on Postsecondary Education announces the final tuition increase cap.

Any additional fees earmarked to pay for improvements to campus facilities and programs, such as the renovation and expansion of the Powell Student Center.

In addition, SGA members debated the question as to how students could afford another round of tuition hikes. After some discussion, most SGA members acknowledged that tuition rates likely do need to increase for Eastern to pay its bills, but at the same time members also debated how much burden should be put on the backs of students.

“We need the nice facilities that will attract those good students and will keep them here,” said Brandon Mandigo, vice president of student activities.

No concrete decision was made, but members said SGA would continue its efforts to have the fees distributed in a way that will benefit the entire student body.

At the meeting, each branch discussed future plans they wished to complete before the end of the year. Student Senate briefly summarized its efforts to revise the 2-hour delay policy. The Senate also said it is working on legislation that would impose a ceiling for how much funding student groups would be able to apply for from SGA through the appropriations process next year.

The Residence Life Council announced plans to host Eastern Eggstravaganza April 17. The event is a campus and community egg hunt. RLC also announced plans to host the fourth annual Eastern Cup Challenge April 24. The Eastern Cup Challenge is a skills competition among teams from every residence hall on campus, with the winner receiving a trophy that will stay in their hall until the next Eastern Cup Challenge. SGA is planning on hosting its next joint branch meeting sometime in April.