In an election at a joint branch meeting for the Student Government Association Mon., Nov. 25, students elected Matthew Boggs to fulfill the roll of Ethics Administrator.

Boggs, political science sophomore from Whitesburg, served on Student Senate as a part of the Student’s Rights Committee before being elected into the position.

Boggs said the Ethics Administrator is supposed to be available to hear grievances from any member of the association about another member. As well as mediate those problems and try to remedy the solution.

The nomination came to him as a surprise, Boggs said; as he was unaware the position had been vacated until he attended the Senate meeting where the senators nominated candidates.

“I’m excited for this position in general,” Boggs said. “But I’m also very excited to have the opportunity to work with Sarah (Carpenter) and the administration that she has set up.”

Something that Boggs said he is going to work on is to have more of a presence than past Ethics Administrators have had. He wants to make members of SGA feel comfortable going to him with anything they want to talk about, by having an open door policy in his office and listening to anyone who walks into his door.

He said he is going to place his schedule and office hours for next semester by the end this semester in order to let everyone know in a timely manner when he will be available.

The position was vacated upon the accepted resignation of former Ethics Administrator Michael Deaton. He submitted his resignation two weeks ago following the Student Court Case versus SGA Chief of Staff Andrew Beasley where the court ruled Deaton was responsible of overstepping his boundaries as Ethics Administrator.