Eastern’s Student Government Association hosted an open forum Wed., Nov. 20, during which students could give their opinions about the possibility of a new student center on campus and what they would like to see inside the student center. While plans for the building are still in early stages, the SGA representatives and student body as a whole had a chance to speak up.

The purpose of the forum was to propose the idea to the students and allow students to ask questions, give feedback and also help SGA representatives brainstorm ideas to make the new student center appeal to all students. Some ideas included adding another coffee shop on campus, moving the cafeteria to the Weaver Building, more group study areas including rooms to reserve and study pods, and potentially moving the Barnes and Noble Bookstore into the student center.

Parts of the plan being discussed are joining the Weaver Building, the Keen Johnson Building and the Powell Building together.

Construction for a new student center would have to be financed in part by the students and that left some students concerned about potential tuition increase.

“We expect a $40 tuition increase each semester,” SGA President Sarah Carpenter said. The final cost increase would be financed through a campus initiatives fee and the implementation of any fees SGA has been working on this semester will be determined in the spring by the university’s Board of Regents.

Enthusiastic and skeptical students alike attended the new student center forum.

“If EKU has money to spend, it should go to building renovations,” said Emily Miller, a psychology sophomore from Richmond.

Anthony Mills, business senior from Corbin, is in favor of creating a new student center building.

“I think a new student center is a great idea. The one we have is outdated and basically serves no purpose other than food,” Mills said.

As plans for a new student center become more concrete, more details and information will be released to students and more open forums would be held for students to discuss their opinions in upcoming semesters.