Campus is more than 100 miles from a real urban city, but you don’t have to walk down city streets to rock a cool urban outfit that’s been dominating fall and winter runways.

Mixing camouflage, leather and athletic inspired pieces will keep you on trend for the end of the semester.

The urban style is perfect for a college campus because the whole feeling is very laid back. To make the look work you have to come off like you didn’t try too hard and with this trend you really don’t have to. All you need are some beanies, cool coats, sweatshirts, last year’s jeans and some bling.

Countless knit beanies were spotted on the runways for fall and campus is no different. As the temperature drops, a variety of beanies are being worn, from solid colors, patterns and some with professional sports team logos. Some slouch to the side while others have furry  balls on the top.

There are many options for outerwear this season, but the trendiest are the tough-looking pieces of leather, camouflage and army green. Look for military inspired or masculine coats. Take in to account the details such as studs, laces and fur.

Lets face it, college students don’t really care about pants. Girls are going to be wearing jeans or yoga pants even when they say they’re dressing up. Lucky for everyone, trends in denim are basically the same as past seasons; dark or distressed skinny jeans are still the most popular styles.

Because the look is so chill, you have room to play around with big jewelry. Necklaces seem to be the easiest and most eye-catching from big metal collars to more ritzy pieces. Sorority girls: leave your bubble necklaces and pearls at home. If bracelets or rings are more your taste, go for gold. Gold cuffs, and simple gold rings are top picks.

Graphic T-shirts and sweatshirts are a staple for the urban wardrobe, the more ironic the better. Images you would never pin on Pinterest or save on your phone you can wear now. From movie images to single words, these can make a huge statement.

As for footwear, any flats are fair game. Come on, this is college, heels are just not going to happen. For fall and winter, last year’s riding boots are still going strong as well as ballet flats and loafers. If you’re going all in for the urban trend, chunky sneakers are a must. Adidas and Nike are a safe bet to find a pair in every color imaginable.

Like most trends, urban style isn’t for everyone. You have to be bold and confident. But it is within almost everyone’s price range. You can find pieces at Goodwill, Rue 21, JCPenny, TJMaxx even Kohl’s  will have something.

While you may not be walking the streets of Louisville or Cincinnati, you can still rock the urban vibe on the sidewalks of campus.