Pershing Rifles shoot for chance at national competition

One of Eastern’s military affiliated fraternities, the Pershing Rifles, will attend the Pershing Rifles Qualifying Invitational in Richmond, Va. Dec. 14.  This invitational is an opportunity for the Rifles to compete for an invitation to the national competition in March 2014.  The team will compete in five categories that challenge their drill, exhibition and color guard skills.

“Our team is training heavily for the event,” Chapter President Bryan Buttry said. “We’ve been holding regular practices on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.”

Buttry, a homeland security and military science junor from Gallatin, Tenn., said the team placed third in the nation last year and first the year before. The Pershing Rifles team is composed of 18 members and the majority of them are freshmen.

“We may be young but we are looking very promising and will be ready for the competition in December,” he said.

The fraternity has been holding fundraisers to pay for its expenses since the beginning of the school year.  Further information regarding the competition or fundraiser donations can be found at

 Jody Skeen

LOL before finals at Comedy Night 

Students can sit back, relax and get a good laugh right before finals week when the Student Activities Council hosts Comedy Night. The event is 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2 in O’Donnell Hall, located in the Whitlock Building.

“This event is for all students to come out during the stressfulness of dead week and provide a stress free zone for students to be able to relax and laugh, because everyone loves to laugh, said Rebecca Blackwell, English senior from Frankfort. Blackwell is also the Cultural Arts Chair for the Student Activities Council.

Local up and coming comedians from the Kentucky area will be the hosts of the Comedy Night. This event is free for all students. For more information about this event contact the Vice President for Student Activities Council Brandon Mandigo at

 Nathan Baker