I’m submitting this letter in response to the article, “Should Eastern Show UK Basketball Film?” My answer to this question is an emphatic “no.”

I couldn’t agree more about our campus constantly living in UK’s shadow. In general UK has a smug superiority complex over Eastern and not just because of sports.

I’ve encountered UK students who automatically assume that Eastern students are here simply because they weren’t “smart enough” to get into UK, even though EKU has world-class programs of its own, including some that can’t be found anywhere else (occupational therapy, arson/explosion investigation, nursing, just to name a few).

I understand that the filmmaker is an Eastern alum and Eastern should support his work. I just don’t think we should be showing a film about another school when our own basketball team is poised to do great things this season. Also, I’m personally sick of UK basketball being talked about, ad nauseam, all year long. The Eastern community as a whole needs to find the courage to step out of the shadows and say, “There’s more to life than UK Wildcats basketball.”


Andrea Kobryn

EKU Class of 2013