Want a good, old-fashioned scare this Halloween season?

Lucifer’s Lair, located in Berea, is a recently remodeled haunted house that features a thrilling experience for only $12 a ticket. Bring in a canned food item, a Lucifer’s Lair flyer, or like Lucifer’s Lair on Facebook and you get $2 off your purchase. These discounts cannot be combined for one grand discount, but each way gives a guaranteed $2 off.

Not only will students get to experience a fun-filled night while visiting Lucifer’s Lair, but the visit actually serves as a way for students to lend a helping hand.

“We give back to the community,” said Hank Halstead, co-owner and founder of Lucifer’s Lair. “You can bring canned foods and help out your local food banks. Whatever you want to donate, it’s going to be given to Relay for Life. We will also be donating some of the expenses to Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Club this year.”

Halstead said they’ve added new scares to the house, ensuring that both new visitors and returning ones will find reason to scream.

“We’ve totally remodeled the whole haunt for this year, and it looks brand new,” Halstead said. “It’s probably one of the best haunts I’ve seen around here. We’ve got new rooms this year and we’ve added so much detail into the whole haunt.”

Halstead said the staff at Lucifer’s Lair hopes the renovations will help the house attract a lot of new visitors and establish it as one the premier haunts in the region.

“We’re trying to work our haunt and get it built up to where we’re at the level with the Lexington haunts and at the level of the Louisville haunts,” Halstead said. “That’s one of the main reasons we did the remodel, and so we can keep it fresh. Every year we’re going to change up some different things. So we want to keep things fresh so people will keep coming back to see us.”

With the opening weekend coming up Sept. 27 and 28, students can get their chills from something other than the chilly night. The haunted house will remain open through Oct. 5. It will reopen Oct. 11 and remain open every weekend until Halloween.

“It’s bigger and better than it has been in the past,” Halstead said. “Come out and see what we’ve done and get one of the best scares in the state. I promise you’ll have a great time. You’ll not want to miss this event, it’s one of the best.