Twitter has taken over this generation and its effects are visible on campus. The man or woman behind the mask is shedding some light on the latest phenomenon to sweep the Eastern Twittersphere.

One of the most popular Twitter accounts at Eastern is @eku_confession. This profile features anonymously submitted tweets by Eastern students that deal with everything from sexual encounters, drunken escapades and all the behind the scenes details that happen on our campus.

“With 3,193 followers the popularity is unexpected,” said the creator of the account, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I created this account because I saw a similar one for a different school, and thought EKU needed one,” the account’s creator said via an interview on Twitter. “I thought it would be fun to see how it went. I have over 3,000 followers now, and that’s pretty cool.”

Of the more than 50 accounts with some tie to Eastern, the @eku_confession  handle stands out the most. Other than that, not much had been known prior to the direct message exchange with the anonymous administrator.

The account’s origins can be traced back to spring around finals week. During that span, the account has amassed more than 1,400 tweets (the account took a summer break as well).

In order to have your confession tweeted anonymously you can direct message the @eku_confession account on Twitter, or submit your tweets on Or you could just @ the confession account if you don’t care to hide your identity.

“If someone direct messages me a confession, I delete the message immediately after I tweet it,” the account creator said. “Even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t remember who sent what anyways.”

The person said despite the number of tweets the account posts, he or she is the sole proprietor of the account’s content and management. Your secrets are safe.

“I’m not going to lie, I have submitted a few,” the account creator said. “The weirdest part was when my friends were talking about my post and I had to stand there and act like I didn’t submit it or even run the thing.”

Tailored to the needs and wants of its followers, the founder considers what students like or don’t like on their profile.

“At first I tweeted every submission,” the account creator said. “Lately I’ve started just tweeting what I think is funny, or what I think everyone will like.”

Some submissions even mention, or tag, specific Twitter users or Eastern students, which some find negative or degrading.

Allie Crouch, 19, a nursing major from Louisville, said she doesn’t check the account often and doesn’t think the confessional account is appropriate.

“I think it’s trashy and gives EKU a bad name and reputation,” Crouch said. “I think the things that are posted promote inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. It’s not something you want going on at your campus.”

The account’s creator doesn’t find it harmful at all.

“I’ve told everyone a couple of times that I don’t post anything mean. If someone has a reason and they message me their reason, I will take a post off my profile.”

Keisha Matney, 19, a communications major from Phelps, said she found out about the account from retweets in her timeline.

“I really enjoy reading the tweets from their site because they are funny,” Matney said. “However, I can’t believe that people do and say some of the things I read on there. I personally don’t find it offensive but I’m sure they’re some people that do.”

The account hasn’t even been active a year, which poses the question: how long will the creator keep it alive?

“I’m going to keep it up for as long as people keep submitting things,” the account creator said. “Hopefully it’s a long time. I like running it and obviously people like the account. Hopefully it will last until I graduate, at which point I will then pass it down to someone else.”

Other state schools have similar accounts, but the only account with as large of a following as @eku_confession is at Western with 3,737 followers.

“I think people like this profile so much because they like to know what’s going on,” the account creator said. “Some of the stuff is a little ratchet [vulgar], but I think that people like that these submissions can be disturbing but still funny in its own way.”

Trying to balance a personal Twitter and the @eku_confession account sometimes becomes overwhelming and the creator discloses that he or she are sometimes afraid they will accidently post a confession to their personal profile instead of the @eku_confession account, which would give away their identity.

“It’s not too hard,” the account creator said. “Just whenever my friends talk about the account I have to stand there and act like it’s not me. I haven’t really come close to telling anyone yet though.”