‘The Conjuring’, directed by James Wan, is based on two paranormal events in history. The first is the Annabelle Higgins doll possession, and the second is the Salem Witch Trials. The film is centered on the studies of Ed and Lorraine Warren, (two well-known demonologists of the last 50 years.) as well as events that occurred in Rhode Island to the Perron Family.

The film starts with an introduction to possession using the Annabelle Higgins doll. This gives you a gentle coercion into what you’re about to watch while being subtle about it. Annabelle (the doll) performs some paranormal activities that are tame compared to the rest of the film.

This is where things get interesting. The Perron family moves into an old farm house in Harrisville, R.I. that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s located near a lake and has its own dock. All was good, or so they thought. Things then being to get really, really weird.

This is where ‘The Conjuring’ takes a turn from the ‘normal’ horror film aspect. Instead of having brutalized deaths and plenty of gore, you barely see any. One moment you’re watching the film and absolutely nothing is going on; the next moment you are dodging popcorn kernels thrown by your neighbor at the image of a smiling corpse screaming at the camera.

The rest  of the movie remains interesting, unlike other horror films that are completely predictable. You’re constantly waiting for the next piece of the puzzle; a constant thought as to what will happen next. Even after you watch the film, you want to research these cases just to see what inspired the story.

The only thing wrong with the film is the transitioning of plot. Why is Annabelle even there? I thought this was a film about a God-hating witch. Annabelle seems to be a pointless addition to the whole plot. Without giving too much away, she does make an appearance later in the film. But even then, she seems meaningless. It’s as though she is only there as an icon of horror.

The film mixes elemts of films like ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘The Ring,’ without an extreme amount of brutality. If you are into paranormal events and really just want a break from the normal ‘slasher’ horror film, then I definitely recommend ‘The Conjuring.’