The Strategic Budget Reallocation Task Force recently addressed concerns regarding the Voluntary Buyout Program (VBP), Enhanced Retirement Transition Program (ERTP), Staff Reduction in Force Program (RIF), and the Tuition Waiver program changes.

A draft of proposed changes and updates was sent to President Whitlock, President-Elect Benson and Board of Regents Chair Craig Turner.

An email released by The Provost’s Office listed May 6 as the final day for faculty to apply. The statement also listed May 13 as date of notification of acceptance for the VBP and May 20 as the deadline for revoking application and acceptance to the VBP.

According to the email, individuals and work units will be notified of position changes, restructuring and reorganization, within the next two weeks. Once the May 20 deadline for withdrawing participation in the VBP has passed, supervisors will begin their final reorganization plans.

“Until the VBP is concluded and reorganization plans are finalized, we are unable to identify who will be subject to a RIF,” the email said.

Janna Vice, co-chair of the Strategic Budget Reallocation Task Force, said changes were made to the Tuition Waiver Program to make it more generous than initially proposed after receiving feedback from faculty and staff.

“We discussed a compromise that’s still helpful and beneficial to the employees and families as well as to the reallocation ethics,” Vice said.

Vice said the initial Tuition Waiver changes were set to save $1 million for reallocations, while the proposed changes, which increased eligible hours from six per term to nine per term, will still save the university $500,000.

Vice said the initial proposal required all applying to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), while the new proposals do not. Vice said the new plan is set to begin on July 1.

The changes bumped credit hours of waiver per term from six to nine, Employees may transfer hours to a dependent, spouse, or sponsored dependent for a total of 27 credit hours per academic year. Employees are eligible to take up to 18 of those hours, limited to six hours per term.

The Tuition Waiver no longer covers non-credit bearing courses.

For more information or questions regarding the VBP or RIF visit Eastern’s Human Resource Website or call 859-622-5094. For information or questions regarding reallocations email the Task Force at