All students are invited to attend the job fair next week Feb. 26 and 27. Featuring more than 60 different organizations and graduate schools, the job fair will help students graduating find full-time jobs and help sophomores and juniors find internships and co-op opportunities.

The spring job fair will be in the Perkins Building across the bypass and will be open from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days.

The first day will be focused on social services and veteran seeking organizations. The second day will be open to all employers. Students are encouraged to attend both days.

The event is open so students can check in through the duration of the fair. However, it is advised to arrive when the fair opens in order to talk to as many recruiters as possible.

Mary Raider, associate director of career readiness, is one of the coordinators for the event.

“This is a great networking opportunity to meet employers within the student’s desired industry,” Raider said. “Students can present themselves to a professional community and talk to recruiters for full-time, and part -time positions, as well as internships and co-ops.”

Raider suggests students visit the career services website to see the full list of organizations attending.

“If students look at the list and follow the link provided for each organization, they can learn about the company and have a head up on other students,” Raider said. “By knowing some background information of each of the companies’ students plan on visiting, their conversations with the recruiters will become easier and will show the recruiters that students are genuinely interested.”

To get the most out of the fair students have the option to become a VIP student. VIP students receive special nametags recruiters will be looking for. To become VIP, students can view a PowerPoint on the career service’s website and complete the quiz that will follow. Directions for the quiz will be found at the end of the PowerPoint

Raider said before the fair, students should update their resume and contact information and print out multiple copies to hand out to interested recruiters. If students wish to have their resume critiqued, they can take it to the career services or co-op office.

Raider also suggested students prepare some talking points discussing their major, what they are interested in, their experience and their interest in that particular organization. The more tailored the conversation is to that particular employer, the better chance of securing a position or follow up interview.

She also said students should dress professionally to make the best impression.

For more information or to see the list of organizations attending, visit the career services website at