More than two-thirds of students say they would prefer residence halls do away with coin-operated washing machines and dryers and instead invoke a $50 laundry fee for unlimited use of the machines, according to a recent survey conduced by the Resident Life Council (RLC).

The survey also polled residents on other topics such as an open visitation policy for upperclassmen. Students had access to the survey through Feb. 1 via EKU Direct.

Student Government Association (SGA), which includes the RLC branch, uses surveys to gauge student responses on various ideas each semester, but the amount of student responses this time was historic.

Brandon Mandigo, executive vice president for RLC, said initially the survey hoped to get responses from more than 1,000 students, or roughly a quarter of Eastern’s on-campus residents. The survey exceeded this goal resulting in responses from nearly 1,200 students.

“They [Information Technology] have never had this many people take a survey,” Mandigo said.

Mandigo said he hopes RLC will pass legislation regarding the fees for these policies soon, and he will present the legislation and plans for implementing the fees to University Housing later in the semester.

Some of the highlights from the survey:

67 percent of the students who took the survey were in favor of the $50 laundry fee RLC has proposed. The move would replace coin-washers, and all students would have access to washing machines and dryers.

The $5 green fee to promote recycling and installation of bottle refill stations in residence halls was supported by 74 percent of students.

83 percent of students said they would like to see visitation rules changed to allow upperclassmen to have 24/7 visitation rights in the residence halls.

The removal of the landline phone services from residence hall rooms in replace of cell use was supported by 70 percent of students.

An on-demand style channel that would show new feature films as determined by residents through voting each month called Residence Life Cinema was supported by 76 percent of students and said they would favor a $5 fee implemented.

60 percent of residents said they’re in favor of a $2.50 fee to help RLC create better programming.

All of the fees mentioned will be charged on a per semester basis.