In today’s world, it is hard to walk through campus and not see an iPhone, Droid and/or iPad. With these electronic devices, there are thousands of applications that you can download, whether it’s for entertainment, recipes, fitness, news or the dozen other categories.  But do the students take advantage of the educational apps? Do students realize the benefits that come from the apps and how cheap they can be? Today’s college students have a big advantage over all past students and it is time to put the apps to use.


From handwritten, audio, video and pictures, Evernote has a way to organize your notes and have them with you wherever you go. It has also absorbed two of its main competitors: Livescribe and PenUltimate.


Electronic books are becoming more of a norm in colleges across the country. Kindle has become a go-to option due to the fact that you can pick up where you left off, no matter what device you are currently using.


Whether you need a break from studying, or need to know how to understand a math problem, Youtube is your go-to resource. If you are able to control yourself, you may actually learn something from it.


Facebook can be a great aggregator of tutors, study partners and friends. The most effective use of Facebook for college is to setup a group for a class and then use Blackboard to tell everyone to join the group.


This app helps when organizing a group project, large or small, by assigning each person a label and filtering responsibilities to that individual. It can also create deadlines, assign tasks and collaborate in real time.

Google+ Hangouts 

A useful application for students that are working on group projects and cannot find a time to meet face-to-face. Unlike Skype, Hangouts is not restricted to one-on-one video conversations.

Graphing Calculator 

In-store graphing calculators can cost up to $100. This app comes equipped with a custom keyboard and is set up to take screen shots and share by email. This app is $1.99.


The only movie app you’ll ever need. Flixster has it all: showtimes and directions to nearly any theater, Rotten Tomatoes reviews, box office reports and all the latest DVD releases.


For the self-made, wannabe bartender, this is your ticket. This well-organized app includes ingredients to thousands of drinks, both alcoholic and non, and the ability to save your own custom creations.

Google Drive

Use Google Drive to bring your ideas together and work on a project in real-time no matter where you are. If your group utilizes Drive along with Hangouts, what is the point of being together physically?