A lot of people believe there is only one kind of love on Valentine’s Day. Of course, this one love is the romantic type. The truth of the matter is, there are more types of love out there than just the romantic type.

I am usually one that hates Valentine’s Day. My main reason is because I have no one to hang out with and nothing to do other than read about so-and-so going on a date on Valentine’s Day on Facebook.

This year, I am single on Valentine’s Day, which is very common for me. However, this year I have special plans because I have someone to spend it with— my roommate. The two of us are good friends who talk about everything going on in both of our lives.

I asked her if we could just hang out and do something fun on Valentine’s Day this year because neither one of us are in a relationship. Even though she is currently “talking” to someone, we are two single ladies ready to have some fun.

My roommate and I celebrated Valentine’s Day the other day because I am heading home to see my family on the actual holiday. I cooked a chicken dinner with pasta and cookies for dessert dinner and dessert for my roommate without “breaking the bank,” which is another plus for spending Valentine’s Day with a friend.

It was a good time because I was with someone who loves and cares for me, and this strong friendship is mutual. I know that whenever I’m with her it will be a good time with plenty of laughs and inside jokes.

On the actual day of Valentine’s Day, I plan to celebrate another type of love and make the long drive home to see my family. It is nice to know even though I’m growing up that my dad is excited to see me whenever I get home from Eastern.

For me, being home with my family on Valentine’s Day will be nice because I have never had the opportunity to be home with my family on that day since I moved to college about four years ago.

This time, I know that I will be around people whose love always overwhelms me every day in the most surprising ways.

If all of your friends plan to be busy or you can’t go home on this loving holiday, just do something by yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite take-out restaurant or rent your favorite movie. Just because you are alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop loving yourself.

My point is there is more than one type of love out there.

There is love between friends, which is a unique and interesting love with daily twist and turns. Also, there is your family love that gives support and encouragement that strengthens you on a daily basis and at the most surprising moments sometimes.

In my book, if you have one person who loves and cares for you because you are you, then you are one lucky person. To me, Valentine’s Day is a day where you let the people in your life know you care and love them for them.

Whether you’re single or have been in a relationship for years and can’t spend the day with your girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure to let to ones you love, and love you, know you care and are thinking about them.