A student who reported she was raped has chosen not to file charges, said EKU Police Chief Brian Mullins.

According to the report, the student “does not want this investigation to go any further by this department and does not want to prosecute.”

The report states the student had been raped at approximately 2 a.m. Jan. 19 in Keene Hall.

The student said she was having alcoholic drinks with the accused at the Cherry Pit earlier that evening. The two then went to Taco Bell for some food and to his room in Keene Hall.

In the room, the student said she woke up to find the accused raping her. After a verbal warning, he stopped.

The student said she does not remember much, but said the accused proceeded to rape her again.

Once it was finished, she left his room and went back to her room and told someone what happened. Housing staff then called to report the alleged sexual assault.

Following the report, EKU Police gave the student a sexual assault information sheet.

To report any kind of sexual assault, please contact EKU Police at 859-622-1111.