All three branches of the Student Government Association (SGA) unanimously approved revisions made to the constitution.

The proposed changes will require all candidates for student body president and executive vice president of any of SGA’s three branches to have at least 24-credit hours at Eastern and serve or currently be serving one term in the SGA in some capacity.

Also, disciplinary processes and the role of the attorney general, previously called the ethics administrator, have been changed and approved by SGA.

“I’m very relieved and excited that the branches and the student body are ready to move in a direction to improve the constitution, which in turn will improve Eastern Kentucky University students as a whole,” said Cari Tretina, chair of the Constitutional Review Committee.

Tretina said a large section was added to the constitution to incorporate bylaws from the Residence Life Council (RLC) branch of SGA.

“They change their representation to fit the larger campus,” Tretina said.

Tretina said the RLC additions were included to allow Student Senate to better address student housing issues without strictly going through University Housing.

Before this addition, Tretina said Student Senate was unable to pass any referendums or legislation to housing-specific issues.

Tretina said the only other changes made to the original revisions were strictly grammatical and specifications.

“We’re just making it simplified and less complicated so people can understand what’s written,” Tretina said.

Madelyn Street, student body president, said she is excited to make progress and move forward with the changes.

“I think it’s a great thing, especially since we worked on them so hard and early enough to have them presented at the next Advisory Board meeting,” Street said.

Though the exact date of the next Board of Regents meeting has yet to be determined, Tretina said these changes could potentially impact the upcoming student government elections.

Though Street said the constitution does not need to be changed every time it’s reviewed, she thinks it’s a good habit to review it regularly.

“I don’t think they really need to be changed every year,” Street said. “Things are constantly changing and they need to be assessed based on the current times.”

If the changes do not pass the Advisory Board, it is possible they will have to restart the entire process Tretina said.

However, if approved by the Advisory Board the constitutional revisions will be presented for approval by Eastern’s Board of Regents at their next meeting in April.

(Editor’s Note: Cari Tretina serves as copy editor of our publication. However, she will not be permitted to read stories involving the constitutional revisions to prevent bias.)