cari_tretinaBY: CARI TRETINA

Valentine’s Day may be a materialistic and commercial holiday, but love is a truly incredible emotion that should be celebrated. With that said, it is amazing how many facets and aspects of life love can affect for the better.

Though Lancaster to Todd doesn’t seem like a long distance, walking or waiting for the shuttle can be quite lonely and long. Now I have a special someone to walk with me, so now that walk or wait isn’t boring at all.

It will be quiet; no one will say a word in class, and everyone in the room will just be waiting for the professor to start. All of a sudden, I will think of that special someone’s laugh, and I will begin to giggle and smile to myself. I don’t care if people think I’m mentally unstable; I can’t help it.

I get butterflies every time I see that special someone’s name come up on my phone, or when we finally get to see each other after a long day. Best of all, that long day doesn’t seem so bad after all when our eyes meet.

I’m a brand new person; I’m a better person, and I’m in love with this person who makes me feel and do all of this.

If you’re in love, then you can relate. Hopefully, one day everyone else will get to feel this life-changing emotion called love, as well. I can guarantee it’s even better than a Nicholas Sparks’ book.

The only difference between my love and your love, though, is that special someone, and mine happens to be a woman.

Just by looking at my picture and reading the first portion of this article, some probably assumed I was speaking of a man. On the contrary, the same love you or someone else feels for someone of the opposite sex, I feel for the same sex.

I know this is probably blowing some minds right now. How can she love another woman? Is it really true love? Are they just trying to get attention?

My description of love is no different than a heterosexual love. This strong emotion gives me the same feelings, makes me do the same silly actions and makes me equally as happy.

Lesbians have a stereotype of being extremely manly with a short haircut and most likely wearing basketball shorts and a plain white T-shirt.

Well, contrary to public opinion, not all lesbians fit that stereotype. First and foremost, there is nothing wrong if someone does look and dress to match that stereotype. Secondly, someone’s haircut, long shorts or sexual orientation don’t make a person; personality and experiences make a person.

I like to wear dresses. I like to watch sappy, chick-flicks, and I like listening to Taylor Swift love songs.

With that said, I also like women who wear dresses. I like women who watch sappy, chick-flicks, and I like women who listen to Taylor Swift love songs.

Yet, occasionally males and females can’t grasp this concept. It just truly baffles some people for a feminine woman to be a homosexual. Some might think I haven’t found the right guy, or I am just confused.

I spent 17 years of my life confused prior to coming out, and actually, I have found the right person. She just happens to be a female.

One of my favorite arguments against homosexuality is that it is not innate. With that logic, I want to know when heterosexuals make the conscious decision to be straight. Also, this theory might be true if people enjoyed being confused, harassed, abused, depressed and hated by large populations of people.

Being gay does not affect a person’s work ethic, intelligence, morals, and it certainly doesn’t affect your life. Someone may not approve of two women walking down the street holding hands, but those two women may not approve of your outfit. However, those two women aren’t going to bombard you, ask you to strip and try to ban your clothes.

Love doesn’t discriminate, so maybe my love isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s people. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there: gay, straight, curved, and even perpendicular.