Photo by Seth Littrell

Photo by Seth Littrell


The Butterfly Project is an initiative that is receiving more and more attention from many. The Butterfly Project is a movement is for self-harmers who feel they are ready to stop hurting themselves and “get better.”

The goal of the Butterfly Project is to keep the butterflies alive, therefore helping to keep the self-harmer alive.

If the self-harmer can keep the butterfly alive, it is meant to give them a sense of achievement and it helps them feel wanted.

This project is growing quickly, even on campus.

Students in Case Hall have actually began the Butterfly Project by putting the list of rules on their door, and leaving pieces of paper out for other students to write a note if they feel the need.

The Butterfly Project is going worldwide, and is helping many people to learn to love themselves and to stop harming themselves.

Corey Bowling, 20, nursing major from Somerset, said his experiences with loved ones who have harmed themselves are his reason for involvement in the group.

“The reason I wanted to do the Butterfly Project was because I know a lot of people that have followed through with or thought about self harming in some way,” Bowling said. “Often times they said they felt alone or that no one was there. I wanted to show people that I’m here.”

Dakota Reopelle, 19, science major from Lawrenceburg, said one of his friends is what made him get involved in the group.

“I just want to see her [his friend] get better,” Reopelle said. “I hate seeing her this way. So I drew a butterfly, and gave it a funny face so she’ll actually laugh.”

Bowling said he offers to help others in the group as often as he can through methods learned through the group. He said he likes to do this by leaving “butterfly notes” under fellow members doors.

“A butterfly note is a note someone leaves anonymously by sliding it under my door,” Bowling said. “They can put anything from ‘I need a butterfly’ to explaining why they need one.”

By being anonymous, Bowling said he feels they get a better support system.

“I can’t reply to them because they are anonymous so the person doesn’t have to tell a complete stranger what’s going on, but they can still get support,” Bowling said.

For more information on the Butterfly Project, like The Butterfly Project page on Facebook, or visit

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