Jill Petrey, area coordinator for University Housing, hands out beads to students at the mixer for the new dorm Tuesday.

Jill Petrey, area coordinator for University Housing, hands out beads to students at the mixer for the new dorm Tuesday.
Photo by Britany Baker


Students had the opportunity to preview the new residence hall by attending a mixer on Tuesday Feb. 12, in Martin Hall. The mixer was an opportunity to meet potential suitemates, answer any questions students had about the new dorm and preview furniture, and possible color schemes of the dorm.

Questions were being answered by administrators working on the project including the director and assistant director of housing operations, the director of residence life, and area coordinators.

Students previewed the furniture that have been finalized for the dorm and saw the potential color schemes, furnishings, and textiles that are still being decided on.

The new hall, which will be referred to as “the new hall” until the university officially names it, is scheduled to open for the fall 2013 semester and is located between Kit Carson Drive and the Brockton parking lot. The new hall is the first to open in over 40 years.

The dorm will have suite-style rooms in two different layouts. The first suite option has four individual rooms for four residents. The second option is also for four residents, but has only two bedrooms. Other than the bedroom options, each suite will be nearly identical.

Emily Davis, Associate Director of Residence Life, explained how the suites will look.

“When you first walk in there’s a kitchenette, full refrigerator, your sink, countertops, and barstools,” Davis said. “Next to that is your living area which will probably have four single chairs. You can put your TV there or whatever you want. Then you go down the hall and it’s separate. The toilet is separate from the door; two sinks make up the vanity, and a separate shower. So when you have four people living together one person isn’t taking up the whole bathroom. It has enough room to accommodate four people living.”

Deion Green, 18, Corrections major from Lexington, KY, shared what he’s most excited about for the new dorm.

“It will have a lot more privacy because I can have the whole room to myself, and even if I don’t have the whole room to myself I can have a lot more space.” Green said.

Another attraction of the new hall is the lobby. The lobby will have a large kitchen off the main entrance that many involved in the project have referred to as the “Iron Chef kitchen” It will include a large central countertop, and many cabinets along with double sinks and ovens.

There will also be a large, multi-purpose area designed for programming, movie-nights or group dinners. The laundry room will be on the first floor as well as indoor bike storage.

A main concern students had for the new hall was the cost of living there.

Molli Metzgar, 20, Nursing major from Louisville, KY, was reassured by administrators that the pre-application was not a binding contract.

“I was surprised to hear that if we sign up for housing and then hear about the pricing and don’t want to make the commitment, we don’t have to. We can get out of it.” Metzgar said.

The meeting also touched on topics like parking. The lot behind the building will accommodate all residents living in the new dorm. Students who have parked there for other dorms will be displaced. The decisions to add more lots or change faculty lots to student lots have not been determined.

There was some confusion about the difference between the new dorm and apartments located across from Lancaster Avenue.

“The apartments across from Lancaster are not a part of university housing.” Said Davis “ I’m not familiar with what they have going on, but what I can say is ours is going to have the convenience of being on campus, being close to your classes and being close to your parking. Ours is going to have the convenience of having staff members that support the needs of the building and make the students feel supported.”

Alexander Cundiff, 20, Criminal Justice major from Louisville, KY, says one reason why he wants to move in the dorm is because he would lose his university grant if he moves off campus.

“This is the best thing compared to an apartment. Since it’s going to be new it’s going to be nice and clean. I just want an apartment setting.” Cundiff said.

The only students that won’t be admitted to the dorm are first year freshmen; anyone else is encouraged to apply. There also won’t be a living-learning community for the upcoming year.

The new dorm at full capacity will house 256 students. Although rates are not determined yet.

Students who didn’t make it to the mixer are encouraged to visit the housing website, or call the housing department with any questions they have concerning the new hall.

For more informatin visit housing.eku.edu.