In every group of friends, there is a code. Just a few examples would be a girl code, guy code and best friend code. In these codes, the rules are simple: You don’t date a friend’s ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, you don’t choose sides when friends are arguing and you never turn your back on a friend.

However, ex-lovers and your closest friends break these codes many times, and I all too recently had a first-hand experience with such codes being broken.

The part I don’t understand is if something makes you happy, then nothing should stop you from working your hardest to keep it.

Over the course of six months, I’ve seen a man and a woman fall in love. Then the friend code came into effect and destroyed it. Now, I see her with tears and heartache in her eyes while he walks around with the same tears on his face and a wall that lets no one in.

I saw this couple everywhere together. The couple could be seen holding hands in the Ravine, eating together in Upstairs Powell, and since they live in the same dorm, she was on his floor every day in his room. I never heard them argue; they were almost the image of a perfect couple.

She wrote status after tweet and posted pictures of them together all the time. Every conversation she had ended up talking about was how much she cared for him. He walked out proud to hold her hand, and the look he gave her when she wasn’t looking showed nothing but love.

About two to three days ago though, I saw this girl walking alone, tears running down her face, her eyes distant, and he wasn’t around. She looked so broken it was heart wrenching. Shortly after passing her, I saw him crying until he walked off toward the Ravine. He disappeared shortly after.

I’ve never seen anything that upsetting. For the last few days she was hiding in her room refusing to eat or even move. He was constantly walking out of the dorm refusing to answer his phone.

Finally, I ended up asking her what happened, and she explained softly he said he couldn’t be with her anymore because his best friend liked her.

The entire relationship has now ended because of the friend code. In all honesty, this makes no sense to me. If they make each other happy, then they should be together.

This so called friend code is supposed to be for the better, yet it seems like in every case like this one someone always ends up upset and hurt. If it makes them happy then a good friend should let them be happy together. Just because it’s against friend code doesn’t make a sound reason. That’s no reason to leave someone you love.

What’s the actual point of friend code? To make sure no one gets hurt? In the end, its either one person is hurt or all three are hurt. When it comes to relationships someone will always get hurt and none of it is intentional.

I don’t see the logic behind this code simply because there isn’t any logic in it. If it makes you happy then capture it, hold onto it and forget everyone else just for a moment.

Decide if you’re going to be happy or if you’re going to lose your happiness and be miserable. Let nothing slip through your fingers, and once you are happy, do whatever it takes to stay that way. Let no one take that happiness from you because of some friend code.